Wednesday, October 6, 2010

SD is where we BE!

It was finally time for our San Diego weekend away--couldn't have come any sooner. I had planned on surprising John with Aziz Ansari tickets for his birthday, but the first available show was not until July..his birthday is in February. Then, to make things worse, I get a random ass email saying that for some reason his show was rescheduled for September. REALLY!? September!? We still made it work. Since we were only going to be there for 1 night, we opted for Motel 6. Turns out...they've upgraded a bit.
 They decided to make it all modern which was nice :)
 Check out this tv entertainment center. Crazy.
Coolest updates would def have to be the beer bottle opener and the real bamboo floor :)

Gettin ready for the show!

Best. Joke. Everrrr
Then..some guy decided he wanted a piece of Aziz. Just about jumped on stage and beat ra ra ra Rrrrrandy's ass!!
John being pensive. Me downing my Rocktoberfest. (How cool is that?! Rocktoberfest. Classic) It was sooooooo good.
 Dark vs. Light beer
 When I was looking for a place to eat dinner (yes, I planned it out ahead of time. shush) this seemed like a neat place to eat. It's a brewery and apparently they're famous for their signature beers. Plus, it's just cool. After getting sloshed (by myself mind you) and dancing a bit at the table (haha) we called it a night. Although, walking through downtown SD was an adventure in and of itself.
 The next day we wanted to be touristy. We went to Balboa Park and walked around and while roaming we came across a restaurant setting up for a wedding ceremony for later that day..hmmm..potential? We'll see!
Since it was effin hot, we took a break with a lovely lemonade to cool us down.
Of course we had to hit up Little Italy. I mean, I
LIVE for Italian food. *mouth watering*
 Since we're all crazy about Hell's Kitchen (for those of you that have fallen off the face of the earth, it's a cooking show with Gordon Ramsey), they ALWAYS have risotto as an appetizer and the little place we went to had it. So I tried it. Not bad.
Ahhhhhhhh. What I had been waiting for the wholeeeeeee weekend!! CANNOLIS! yum. Need I say more? Plus, that thing was ginormous so that was just a bonus :)

Next we hit up the ocean front where the USS Midway is and also the Fish Market. Super pretty. To make things even crazier, they randomly had a bomb threat on the market?! So, we kind of got kicked out. Bummer face.
I just love these two pics
 Before the trip came to an end, I thought it would be cool to go to Coronado seeing as it's a peninsula. Too bad it is literally just houses. Huh? I thought it would at least be cooler than that. Pft.

Overall, great weekend...just a little short. So, until next time :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

We run LA

I cannot believe that my mommy's birthday was a few weeks ago and she got to spend it with me down in LA! Naturally, since I'm always over the top, the weekend was going to be the shiznit. And it was. Since they got in late-ish on Friday, we only really had time for the park. So we went to one nearby and just relaxed.
 My mom and little sister are thee cutest <3

Saturday morning we woke up bright and "early" to start the day of activities that I had in store for us. Since it was my mom's actual birthday, I had to have the best surprises..well, good ones at least. She woke up to flowers from me, John and the kids and then we set off on our first adventure...Aquarium of the Pacific! John and I had never been so we thought it'd be cool for the whole group.

How adorable is she?
 I think these pics encompass my MAJOR likes/dislikes of the ocean. DISLIKE--ginormous fish!! (Well, fish in general) and LIKE--cute lil seahorses :)
 COOLEST picture I got of my mom and Riley! We had seen another little girl get the sea lion to open his mouth like this so, of course, we totally had to try. After like 20 mins or so, success! Riley thought it was hilarious that he was trying to "eat" her hand.

I don't know why but I think this picture duo is pretty cool--they were "petting" sharks. All I can say for this part of the day was "Two fingers!" Haha.

Me and my sissy <3
 This crab, which was humongous btw, made me think of the lil dudes from Finding Nemo. The ones that say "Hey, ey, ey. Yeah, keep walking" Haha

After this we trucked on over to West Hollywood. Still having no intention on telling my mom where we were off to beforehand. All I kept saying was "You're gonna love it. I promise". We ended up taking her to High Voltage Tattoo where Kat Von D works and they shoot LA Ink. My mom LOVES this show. Technically, it was more than love but I can't think of a better word. Funniest part was that as we were pulling up to the place, while sitting at the stop light, my mom shouts out "OMG! OMG! Brooke, roll down the window! It's LA Ink! Omg, omg" As we were pulling in the parking lot, she officially freaked. It was so cute :)

 Yes! No cars!
This is the infamous wall. Too bad a lot of the people I like 
are Corey!!

After a badass surprise, where do you go from there? Umm, I dunno..maybe one of mine and my mom's favorite restaurants that are only found NOT in Fresno? Oh yeah. Bubba Gumps.
 Going to every Bubba Gumps in the US is kind of a tradish in our family! It worked perfectly because she had never been to Santa Monica Pier either. Double awesome.
 All night Riley had been talking about the ferris wheel so of course we went on it. It was so fun and she had a blast. John was trying to rock the boat...not cool man.
 Me and the fiance :) Still weird that I can call him that!

SO--to top off the weekend I had the most random thing ever planned. Going to a live taping of the Ellen Degeneres show!!! Too bad I didn't realize it was going to be a special season premiere that was in conjunction with the VMAs. Bomb dot com. So not only did we get to see Ellen, pretty freakin close might I add, but also Justin Timberlake, Usher, Jaden Smith, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga! Womp womp. If it makes you feel better...we had to wait all f'in day.
  Greyson Chance was there too!!! OMG. Why was I the only person that knew who he was?!?! Am I one of those crazy older women that obsesses about an underage boy. Ergh. Whatever. If you have no idea who he is, do yourself a favor and watch this ish: Amazingnessss
Lady Gaga was one of the highlights. People freaked when she came out in her meat outfit. Pretty audacious but it had a great message attached to it. Good for you girlfriend.

Overall, best..weekend..ever! The only thing I would've changed is how long they stayed. But still, I hope my momma enjoyed it because I know Riley sure did :)